Source code for bitbucket.tests.private.repository

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from functools import wraps
from zipfile import is_zipfile
import os
import random
import sh
import string
import unittest

from bitbucket.tests.private.private import AuthenticatedBitbucketTest

TEST_REPO_SLUG = "test_repository_creation"

[docs]def skipUnlessHasGit(f): """ This decorator pass the test if git is not found.""" @wraps(f) def _decorator(): try: sh.git(version=True, _out='/dev/null') return f() except sh.CommandNotFound: return unittest.skip("Git is not installed") return _decorator
[docs]class RepositoryAuthenticatedMethodsTest(AuthenticatedBitbucketTest): """ Testing bitbucket.repository methods."""
[docs] def test_all(self): """ Test get all repositories.""" success, result = self.assertTrue(success) self.assertIsInstance(result, list)
[docs] def test_get(self): """ Test get a repository.""" success, result = self.assertTrue(success) self.assertIsInstance(result, dict)
[docs] def test_create(self): """ Test repository creation.""" # TODO : test private/public repository creation success, result = self.assertTrue(success) self.assertIsInstance(result, dict) # Delete repo success, result = assert success
[docs] def test_update(self): """ Test repository update.""" # Try to change description test_description = 'Test Description' success, result = self.assertTrue(success) self.assertIsInstance(result, dict) self.assertEqual(test_description, result[u'description'])
[docs] def test_delete(self): """ Test repository deletion.""" # Create repo success, result = assert success # Delete it success, result = self.assertTrue(success) self.assertEqual(result, '') success, result = self.assertFalse(success)
[docs]class ArchiveRepositoryAuthenticatedMethodsTest(AuthenticatedBitbucketTest): """ Testing bitbucket.repository.archive method, which require custom setUp and tearDown methods. test_archive require a commit to download the repository. """
[docs] def setUp(self): """ Clone the test repo locally, then add and push a commit.""" super(ArchiveRepositoryAuthenticatedMethodsTest, self).setUp() # Clone test repository localy. repo_origin = '' % (, # TODO : Put the temp folder on the right place for windows. repo_folder = os.path.join( '/tmp', 'bitbucket-' + ''.join(random.choice(string.digits + string.letters) for x in range(10))) sh.mkdir(repo_folder) self.pwd = sh.pwd().strip() sh.git.init() sh.git.remote('add', 'origin', repo_origin) # Add commit with empty file. sh.touch('file') sh.git.add('.') sh.git.commit('-m', '"Add empty file."') sh.git.push('origin', 'master')
[docs] def tearDown(self): """ Delete the git folder.""" super(ArchiveRepositoryAuthenticatedMethodsTest, self).tearDown() sh.rm('-rf', self.pwd)
[docs] def test_archive(self): """ Test repository download as archive.""" success, archive_path = self.assertTrue(success) self.assertTrue(os.path.exists(archive_path)) self.assertTrue(is_zipfile(archive_path)) # delete temporary file os.unlink(archive_path)